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Generate B2B Leads With Auto Warmup Mechanism. Add Your Mailboxes or SMTP or Use built-in SMTP

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Features designed to generate more responses by spending less time on campaigns. Get more productivity with Auto warmup, Advanced email scheduling, and email sequencing

  • 01

    Mailboxes And SMTPs

    Add Gsuite, outlook, and 20+ SMTP servers Built-in SMTP and mailboxes rotation

  • 02

    Global Blacklist & Spamtrap

    Blacklisted and spam trap emails database with 3M emails Protect mailboxes/IPs/Domains from getting blacklisted

  • 03

    Campaigns & Lists

    Get opens, clicks, and responses from respective campaigns and lists. Import or export lists and templates.

  • 04

    Campaign Analytics

    Get granular analytics along with IP location of opens, devices, software agents, etc.

  • 05

    Auto Scheduling

    Most advanced auto scheduling that helps you gain reputation and generate more responses by delivering emails at the right time.

  • 06

    Auto Warmup Strategy

    Predefined auto warmup schedules keeps you safe from getting blacklisted and helps you to define your own warmup strategy.

  • 07

    Reply Tracker

    Add as many mailboxes to track replies/responses from your prospects and keep yourself updated of the total unique responses.

  • 08

    Email Sequences

    Send follow-up emails based on opens, clicks on specific links, and responses. Enjoy unlimited email sequencing.

  • 09

    Built-In SMTP

    Run unstoppable cold campaigns. Designed SMTPs with dedicated rotating IPs to efficiently execute cold emailing.


Built-In Email Verification

All emails are verified before running the campaigns. Built-in email verification keeps your list always fresh.


CRM Apps

Bi-directional data flow from Zoho, HubSpot, and Salesforce. Use zapier to connect more apps


Web Integration

Embed web forms, and popups to collect prospects with every visit by initiating engaging email sequences.

  • Volume
    Per Day
  • 1-100 Emails
  • 100 - 300 Emails
  • 300 - 500 Emails
  • 500 - 10,000 Emails
  • 10,000 - 100,000 Emails
  • Above 100,000 Emails
  • Open Rate
    Per Domain/IP
  • Above 80%
  • 60% - 80%
  • 50% - 60%
  • 40% - 50%
  • 30% - 40%
  • 20% - 30%

Open Rate Guide

These are the estimated "Open Rate '' statistics for your cold campaigns with Realcrux's built-in SMTP server for different volumes. Deliveribility gets impacted by number of emails sent daily according to ISPs spam policies. Use this guide to plan your optimal sending schedule.


  • none
  • Advanced Sequences
  • Gsuite,Office365 & Third Party SMTPs
  • Built-in SMTPs by Mailcrux
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • SMTP & Mailbox Rotation
  • Auto Warmup
  • Contacts & Email Verification Credits
  • Email Credits Per Month
  • Zapier Integration
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Zoho Integration
  • Web Integration
  • Set Up Fee
  • Blacklist Management
  • Advanced Email Template Builder
  • Segments
  • Email Analytics
  • Global Spamtrap and Blocklist Database
  • Webhooks and API
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated SMTP Delivery
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  • 5
  • 500
  • 1000
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  • Trusted by 3.6k+ Clients


    Eric Nowoslawski

    Growth EngineX

    I was blown away by how amazing the results were. I send 35,000 cold emails per week. No body in my circles is using a dedicated SMTP because they all believe it can't work or it's too expensive


    Mohit Sareen


    We never imagined sending millions of emails per month that just made possible by realcrux’s team. What we are spending at realcrux is negligible compared to what we did at other ESPs.


    Kimberly Fullwood

    Awesome REI, LLC

    Realcrux has been amazing. The team has taken all of my email campaigns and is personally optimizing them and sending them out for us to our cold email clients.


    Brandon Hoffman

    KEA Advertising, Inc

    Realcrux is doing an amazing job in cold email campaigns. We bought a dedicated SMTP with 4 IPs to send 40k emails/day and it is doing extremely well. Never witnessed IP or domain blacklisting issues.


    Balram Krishna


    We are into marketing and advertising, we need to reach decision-makers of various brands to sell our advertising offers. We were having multiple issues with cold email campaigns from several ESPs and CRMs. Realcrux just did a great job by guiding us on sending cold emails.


    David Case


    We love realcrux, especially their customer care and the way they take care of campaigns. Hired a campaign management expert along with dedicated SMTP from adcrux and saved many hours for sending cold emails.

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